I need growth .. I need to grow BITCH IM TRYNNA EVOLVE

    Shit ..


    Now I’m to the point where I’m over the bullshit maybe that’s what I needed a reality check .. Sometimes that’s all you need is for someone to open up your eyes .. See what shit is really hitting for .


    Sometimes silence is key


    so yesterday the boy that I “talk” to wanted to broadcast that he has no bae and he is single..

    SO I WENT OFF .. (now that I think about it for no reason)

    honestly we are just talking so there for we are not obligated to each other we are only feeling each other out and getting to know each other still.

    We both established that were going to  take each other serious .. & that we are both the only ones we talk to … My thing is when im talking to someone im only talking to that one person. Personally I can not entertain more than one person at a time. He now knows that he is the only one im entertaining & now I done fucked up ..

    from past experience and what Ive seen done to others that I know is once they know they have you mentally and they know those feelings are there they get comfortable . This is because they know you don’t want anyone else so there for the bullshit starts to come. But if this was to happen , im not in love with this nigga so I will stop talking to him , But I do  want him so idk..

    hopefully im not just wasting my time..

    I feel like I just care to much , maybe I just need to fall back and whatever happens happens

    10/6/14 Early morning hair problems

    So today I didn’t go to school because my hair looks a mess.

    You know this whole natural thing is just not going to work out for a nigga.

    This shit crazy lol .. exactly why I just wear weave

    now don’t get me wrong I  could manage it .. but I just choose not to..

    It took me about 3 hours to straighten my hair last night . I woke up this morning looking like queen MUFASAAAAA lol ..

    the fucking struggle lmao

    im jus gonna have to go to philly today and get it slayed !